Energy & Renewables

energy renewables

Different digital technologies are making power generation factories more connected, efficient, reliable and sustainable thanks to the major advances in data acquisition and connectivity and the range of new smart applications such Operations & Maintenance will definitely jump from reactive to advanced predictive approach, hence reducing Maintenance Costs. Digitalized renewable plants will allow better accurate predictions of yield energy for a more dispatchability of its power.

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Water & Utilities


Climate change along with demographic growth are leading to water scarcity and are impacting the balance between water consumption and supply with even more specific quality requirements for water and as a consequence, this is putting a considerable pressure on water production operators as well as on and wastewater facilities. Water production utilities must be more flexible, reliable, and cost-effective. Applying Digitalization technologies and smart solution to optimize the process is no more a choice in this sector.

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Food & Beverage

food beverage

Introducing Digitalization technologies in the Food & Beverage sector will ensure more efficient production batches and optimize through better planning the use of different resources (systems, materials, employees, parts…).

Either collecting and analyzing existing data or adding more connected sensors are a perquisite to benefit from data basic and advanced analytics.

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Metallurgy & Mining

metallurgy mining

All the benefits from implementing advanced analytics tools in other industries apply to Metallurgy & Mining industries in terms of productivity, reliability improvement and avoidance of loss costs. Applying another set of tools such as SIGMAFINE (based on first physics laws for data reconciliation) The implementation of Sigmafine is representing a solution that accurately accounts and reconciles all metallurgical information at every process stage and that can expose the information to engineers and operators to effectively operate the process to increase efficiencies, such as metal recovery and uptime.

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Chemicals and Fertilizers

chemicals and fertilizers

Chemical and Fertilizers production industries are struggling to integrate digitalization era but behind other important industrial sectors. By integrating cutting edge technologies combining AI smart software and physical laws based models as Sigmafine (suggested by Smart Energy Analytics) with production cycles will definitely help producers to achieve a more optimized and reliable production process.

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