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Engineering Consultants Group


Engineering Consultants Group, in addition their strong industrial knowledge background, developed smart software solutions using advanced pattern recognition technology and machine learning technologies supporting manufacturers in their Digital transformation who will reinforce their predictive maintenance strategy and optimizing their maintenance costs.

ECG’s unique solutions include:

• Predict-It™: Uses Predictive Analytics, known as Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) technology to encourage proactive maintenance on machinery rather than reactive maintenance through an early failure detection approach. In addition to the prediction tool, Predict-It ECG developed a probability ranking system for likely faults called the “Diagnostic Reasoner”, helping factory team to identify the most likely root cause linked to the warning provided by APR tool, and this is considered as a best way to capitalize company’s expertise.

• Glance™: A real-time graphical visualization and dynamic process displays client for OSIsoft PI System™ which are easy to view from both desktop and mobile devices.

• E-Notification: OSIsoft PI System™ add-on software for mobile monitoring and notification of process data via email and other messaging systems.


3394 West Market Street 1862
Fairlawn, Ohio 44333
United States

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Sigmafine® is an enterprise-class software for process and manufacturing industries that Transforms Data into Digital Assets.

Sigmafine is a model-driven, advanced-analytics, enterprise solution that transforms raw data into digital assets through validation, reconciliation, and conditioning techniques to minimize uncertainty and drive actionable insights. Sigmafine combines process knowledge, engineering principles, and statistics to maximize the quantity, value, and quality of information extracted from disparate data sources and sensor-based data regardless of the industry or the use case.

Production Accounting, Inventory Monitoring, Process Optimization, Materials & Properties Tracking, Energy Balancing, and Utilities Allocation are just some of the business mandates across all process industries that Sigmafine and our most recent web-based addition, SigmafineHub®, can serve to close the last mile between data and actionable insights in a digital manufacturing environment. Sigmafine sits at the crossroads of streaming data and events with several business functions such as planning and scheduling, stock valuation, compliance reporting, supply chain optimization, etc.

Sigmafine implements a centralized framework and infrastructure to organize and automate data validation, reconciliation, and conditioning activities. Sigmafine is scalable, ranging from models representing a simple unit operation to a production unit, a complete industrial plant, a business unit, a utility transmission, and/or a distribution network. It can also be extended to support advanced industry-specific analytics. Sigmafine is the foundation for the development of a sustainable data quality management practice for streaming data and events.


About Pimsoft®

Pimsoft is the owner & developer of Sigmafine®. Established in 1994, Pimsoft brings innovative software solutions and engineering skills to industries where data quality and usability are mission-critical in shaping information for actionable insights. With its Italian offices in Turin, Milan, and Houston, Texas, in the United States, Pimsoft maintains the largest contingent of highly skilled and experienced IT and Engineering professionals in this application domain.

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Pimsoft S.p.A. (Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific)
Corso Stati Uniti,35
10129 Turin, Italy
Phone: +39 011 5625213
Fax: +39 011 5637744

Pimsoft Inc. (Americas)
757 N. Eldridge Parkway, Suite 725
Houston, TX, 77079, USA
Phone: +1 (281) 920-9196
Fax: +1 (281) 754-4421


CIC is an engineering and IT projects development company. In 1990 we began working in Spain with a workforce of over 300 professionals.

One of the most powerfull solution developed by CIC is IDboxRT – Industrial Monitoring and Control -SCADA.

IDboxRT is an Operational intelligence real-time dynamic solution for the supervision and control of industrial, power and smart processes. This solution is based on Business Intelligence and Big Data technologies aimed at integrating, processing and analysing massive volumes of data in real time.

Many companies monitor data that comes from different sources and have different formats, in consequence, it is difficult to have a detailed and unified view of plant, equipment or processes.

  • IDboxRT allows you to collect data from different sources. IDboxRT processes data according to the parameters previously defined by the user and enables you to analyse all the available information in easiest and fastest way.
  • IDboxRT is software based on Business Intelligence that integrates, processes and analyses large amounts of data in the real time. This solution provides valuable and useful information from any place, on any device, optimising control, facilitating monitoring and the decision-making processes.

Isabel Torres Street 3
39011, Santander
+34 942 269 017

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