Monitoring platform layers

A.I. Failure prediction


Applying Artificial Intelligence is one of the key innovations providing industry 4.0 the most significant boost. Exploring the huge data generated on real time by different industries control systems is providing the most advanced tool to improve their predictive maintenance by learning from this Big Data using different algorithms and provide warning about any anomaly at it first stage where any human is not able to detect. Industries will be more reliable, more efficient and will avoid huge amount of loss would failures not have been detected at early stage.

Smart Energy Analytics is providing most advanced software based on Artificial Intelligence and which have proven strong capabilities in different industries over the world with additional tools allowing to capitalize company’s expertise and previous events.

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Process physics models

process physical models
While A.I models which learns from previous numerical data, models based on first physics laws (mass and energy conservation laws, thermodynamics..) would provide an additional tool to compare the actual factory key equipment parameters with model expected values, hence leading either to:
  • Identifying abnormal behaviors or cause of performance degradation.
  • Providing accurate process measures reconciliation with higher accuracy, for a better process performance control.

Smart Energy Analytics has the expertise to advise and implement the suitable solution for each industry including thermal cycle modeling tools (Thermoflow, Etapro, ..) or he more specific Sigmafine Tool dedicated for process data reconciliation.

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Data acquisition platform


Applying advanced data analysis requires a reliable system for real-time data acquisition from factories Distributed Control System (DCS), Controllers (PLC), historian or connected sensors.

Smart Energy Analytics is suggesting with European partner a complete data acquisition and processing system allowing real time monitoring of all process parameters remotely via laptop, smartphone or a dedicated monitoring center. These solution was implemented with success on different industry. Alternatively, S.E.A could advise on implementing any other platform customers may have selected.

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Cyber-Security Systems


With a rapid digitalization of the industry, this will ineluctably link the factory control system with the IT side, hence bringing a weakness and risk of cyber attack to factories control system which was historically working on “island” mode. So Industry 4.0 requires the implementation of state-of-the-art cyber security systems.

Smart Energy Analytics, in partnership with most known vendors, is suggesting solution ranging from complex cyber-security systems to the most powerfull solution based on data-diode (“air gap”) solution ensuring physically one way communication for sensitive industries.

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Consulting & Integration

Consulting services

Smart Energy Analytics resources has a large experience in Industry and Industry digitalization. S.E.A is able to provide consultancy sevices on the following areas:

  • Digitalization transformation including all layers, advising on the best choices and conducting workshops with customer’s digitalization team and Subject Matter Experts.
  • Conducting due diligence, Operations & Maintenance assessment and suggest an improvement plan including coaching and implementation phase.
  • Advise on Energy projects given the large experience in all electrical production technologies, from conventional plants to renewable projects (Solar CSP and PV, wind turbines, …).
  • Provide consulting in terms of equipment performances and improvement plan.

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Integration works

S.E.A, in joint with local partners, is able to take in charge hardware integration works, as well as electrical works (wiring, electrical supply) and other related works (minor civil works or others).

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