Who are we?

Smart Energy Analytics is leveraging a deep knowledge of complex industries (mainly all sources of electrical power) and the use of Advanced Analytics tools either based on Machine Learning or Physical based models.

S.E.A is providing consultancy services as well as implementing Worldwide proven solutions in close coordination with major Advanced tools providers.

Smart Energy Analytics will assist, on an international level, all kind of industries to implement a real Digital transformation with the most added values for their Business.

Smart Energy Analytics was created in order to share with all industries, the fruit of thirty years’ experience in the field of industry, (Mainly Electrical generation, both conventional and renewable) combined with the full implementation, of a multi-sites Monitoring & Diagnosis platform , from IOT to data processing, using advanced analysis tools which includes both artificial intelligence, Machine Learning as well as using first physical laws based models.

Vision & Mission


Smart Energy Analytics (S.E.A) aims to become a leader in the integration of Industry 4.0 through the use of Advanced Analytics tools ( Machine Learning, Smart sensors incorporating TinyML, Physical based models. S.E.A believes that leveraging both topics of Industry 4.0 and its deep knowledge of complex industry process is the most competitive factor to achieve its main goal of becoming a leader.

Smart Energy Analytics aims to leverage both the expertise of International Advanced Analytics providers as well as developing at medium term R&D for new advanced products


Smart Energy Analytics will be your first choice for all industries willing to embark in Digital Transformation journey. …) with the aim to provide more reliable and economical Operations & Maintenance of different industry factories through:

  • Early failure/anomaly detection
  • Maintenance cycle optimization.
  • Better control for process performance and efficiency.